Every student comes to writing essays in high school or college. Most of these essays that students write require a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. The main purpose of writing a thesis statement is to inform the readers about the purpose of the essay. Basically, a thesis statement tells the readers why they should read the essay. A thesis statement is written in the form of a question in the introductory paragraph of any type of essay. Later in the main body, the writer of the essay attempts to justify his/her thesis statement by providing logical arguments along with supportive facts and figures as evidence to prove or disprove a particular argument. This article is a basic guide on how to write an effective thesis statement to make an essay more appealing and interesting for the readers to read. Read below to learn to write a thesis statement.

Create a Question

Study your essay topic from various sources such as the internet, magazines, books and scholarly journals. Once you have some background information about the topic create a question related to the essay topic. For instance, your essay assignment is to explain ‘Why do you believe that drugs can have adverse effects on one’s health?’ Turn this topic into a question for instance, ‘Why do I believe that drugs can have adverse effects on health?’ Make sure to create a thesis that is not too vague. It must be strong and very specific.

Engage your Readers

A good thesis statement always engages the readers thoroughly into reading the entire essay. If the readers come up with questions such as ‘so what’ than your thesis statement needs to be changed to make it more effective.

Consult your Professor

However, if you face difficulties writing a good thesis statement you can always seek guidance from your instructors and professors. Try yourself initially but if you feel that your thesis statement is not doing justice than your professors or instructors can be the best guide.

A thesis statement is one of the most important aspects of writing an essay. Without an effective and strong thesis statement, you can risk the danger of losing points in your essay.

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