A responsive essay is also known as a reaction paper, written after reading a piece of article, a novel, book or a magazine. The purpose of writing a responsive essay is to provide your personal response after reading something. Responsive essays are easier to write than other types of essays as they are just a response to a particular piece of work.  However, the essentials of writing essays remain the same when writing responsive essays. This article is a guide to write responsive essays. Read some tips below to learn to write responsive essays.

Select a Piece of Work

Look for a piece of work to read from to write a responsive essay. Make sure that what you select can create strong positive or negative response after reading. Keep a writing pad and write down the key points as you read. Note down what you agree and disagree with a piece of writing, how you personally feel about it and how it could have been made better.

Write the Introduction

Start writing the responsive essay with the title of the piece of writing, the author, and publication followed by a brief summary of what you read. Write down the statement stating whether you agree or disagree with the author. How do you identify and evaluate the article?

Write the Body

Write down a detailed summary of the article you read followed by your personal response to the article. Use quotations and citations according to the specified writing format by your instructor.

Provide examples to support your personal responses as you write the essay.

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