How to Write Opinion Essays?

Opinion essay assignments are common in high school and colleges. Opinion essays are important to write for students studying at lower academic levels as they help students to form their personal beliefs and opinions about a particular issue in a society such as abortion, death penalty or gun control. By writing opinion essays students are being trained to write more complicated thesis papers, argumentative and analytical essays in higher academic levels. Everyone has an opinion about different things in the society. However, the purpose of writing opinion essays is to present the knowledge, information and personal opinions in a more formal tone. This article is a guide to write opinion essays. Keep reading to learn some useful tips to write opinion essays.

Determine a Topic

Select an interesting topic to make writing easier and enjoyable. Search the internet where you can find various issues prevailing in the society such as abortion, rape, serial killers, murders, psychopaths, drug abusers, alcoholics, divorce, family planning and many other topics to write an opinion essay. Make sure your topic is broad.

Formulate Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the most important aspect of an opinion essay. It consists of a single sentence based on your opinion which you try to defend in the main body of the essay. For instance, serial killers are not mentally ill therefore they are eligible for the death penalty. You can give examples of one of the most well renowned serial killers such as Ted Bundy who killed several women before he was caught.

Conduct Research

To defend your opinion start conducting research using the internet. You can study the history of serial killers most of whom were executed on the grounds of the cold-blooded murder of several women. Gather evidence for the essay. You need extensive research if your essay is complex and longer but if the essay is short than you need to have4 pieces of evidence as an example.

Start Writing

Begin with an introductory paragraph. Write the thesis statement in the beginning along with some background information about the topic. Write the main body afterward by elaborating all the key points along with evidence to support the opinion. Finally, conclude your essay by briefly summarizing the main arguments of the essay.

Keep your essay as relevant and to the point as you can. Avoid irrational and irrelevant details as it can put your readers off easily.

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