A narrative essay is a story. It can be something related to a life-changing event that occurred while growing up or something important that taught you something significant about life. Narrative essays are based on true stories and require no citations and sources since what you write is purely based on your personal experience. Narrative essays are a part of the academic curriculum in high school and college to be able to make students express themselves more vividly. A narrative essay is no different from other types of essays as it consists of the similar basic structure. What is specifically required is a memorable event or experience to write about. This article provides some basic guidelines to write narrative essays. Keep reading below to learn to write narrative essays.

Decide a Topic

Deciding a topic can be one of the most daunting steps when writing essays. However, if you are given choice to select a topic of your liking that it can make your task much easier as you can opt for something that you really like. In some instances, your instructor assigns you the topic and you have to write on it no matter how boring and difficult it is. So naturally in order to write a good narrative essay select something unique as to make your essay stand apart from other essays. You can write an essay on the most embarrassing moment in your life. You can share your experience and most importantly reveal what you learned from it.

Start Writing

Once you have a topic to write about begin to write. Follow the similar essay structure i.e., the introduction initially to engage the readers with something curiosity evoking followed by the main body where you will provide all the details of an event or experience and finally a conclusion consisting of a brief overview and what a particular experience or event taught you.


Once you complete writing the essay revise it repeatedly for any possible grammar and spelling errors. The best way to proofread is to leave your essay for a while after writing it and review it after few hours with a fresh mind in order to detect mistakes.

Follow these simple guidelines to write narrative essays and hope for the best results.

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