Writing a film review is more or less like writing a book review, the only difference can be the language. While in a book review you may have to use formal language, in a film review you can use casual language because film reviews are mainly for entertainment purpose and the reader would enjoy it more if it is written simply. Film reviews are important because many people want to know a little about a film before they watch it so that they can decide whether they want to watch that film or not. Many people also read film reviews after they have watched a particular film to see if they agree with what the film review says about the film or not.

Interested in writing a film review? Below are some easy steps that you can follow and write an entertaining film review.

See examples

If you are writing a film review for the first time, it is advisable that you see some examples of book reviews written by professionals. Note how they have gone about writing it and then follow them.

Don’t give away twists and turns

Give a brief summary of the main plot of the film. Make sure that you do not give away the twist and turns of the film, otherwise you run the risk of spoiling it for your readers.

However, if you do want to give certain details away make sure that you warn the readers beforehand so that they have the opportunity to decide whether they want to read the film review or not.

Do not be offensive

Yes, you have to give your critics in a film review but do not use very harsh language. Remember the critics you give are your own opinions of the film, the readers might disagree with you so make sure that you do not sound imposing in the film review. Let the readers decide themselves whether they want to agree or disagree with you.

Give references

Compare the film you are writing the review on with some other films of that genre. Show the readers the similarities and differences; talk about the strong points of the film e.g. the acting or the special effects and sound effects. If the film is based on a novel you can tell you, readers, whether the film is a complete copy of the novel or there are some new aspects in it.

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