Global warming nowadays is a threat that the human race is facing, therefore, there are numerous discussions done on it where ever people meet.  Students too are given assignments to write essays on global warming, which they find difficult to do, the reason being that most of the students don’t really know much about it.

Writing an essay on global warming can be difficult but if you follow the easy guidelines below you’ll be able to write a good, comprehensive and authentic essay.

Type of essay

If you are told to write an essay on global warming your teacher will most probably tell you what type of essay is expected from you. However if the choice is up to you, you can either write a persuasive, argumentative or a cause and effect essay, whatever you are easy with.


It is not a work of fiction that you are about to produce, you are writing an essay on global warming and so it is very important that you give facts and examples to make your essay authentic. Look into books, search the net and try to find out as much information as you can. Also try to give unique and interesting facts about global warming that you think people would not know about this will make your essay standout from others.

Make an outline

Before you start writing your essay on global warming, write down an outline in the form of bullet points and one liner. These points will help you when you will be writing your essay as they will remind you what will follow what and will keep you on track.


Be clear and concise

Use easy language so that the reader enjoys your essay. Start the essay‘s introduction by giving the main point (the main problem). Then in the body of the essay explain the problem in further detail. Give your own opinion supported by facts. If you’re quoting someone else’s words do not forget to give appropriate credit. In the conclusion of your global warming essay, give a summary of what you have written so far. To make your essay impactful conclude it by giving a call for action.

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