Writing is a Herculean task for many new writers. Writing an effective paragraph is as important as writing the whole essay or an academic paper. A paragraph is a building block for any type of writing. If a paragraph is not properly written and structured your readers will not continue to read your piece of work. Learning to write an effective paragraph is vital for writing success. This article will provide you some easy and useful tips on how to write a paragraph. Keep reading to learn to write paragraphs.

Know your Point

Before you being to write a paragraph it is important that you know beforehand what point you want to make. You should know what you are about to write to make the process easier for you.

Ending the Paragraph

As every article, essay or term paper have an ending a paragraph must have an ending too. Basically, it is summing up the main points you made earlier in a paragraph to give it a proper structure. In case of articles and academic papers, you end up with a conclusion.

The Structure of a Paragraph

Initially, you introduce your main point in the paragraph. Later, you add arguments and logical transitions to make your paragraph well structured. You basically expand your point in the middle right after introducing the main point of a paragraph.

Make sure you write a paragraph that is readable with simple and easy to understand language. Most importantly, know what you want to say in the paragraph.


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