What are Drama Essays?

Writing Drama essays are not as challenging as compare to argumentative and comparison and contrast essays as they do not consist of arguments based on logical facts and opinions but a play which is presented in front of an audience to give a particular message to the society. A drama essay is firstly written using dialogues, plot, theme, characters, and climax. A drama essay is written with the audience’s perspective. You must make sure that the essay drama you have written is very entertaining and enjoyable for the audience. A drama essay consists of detailed feelings and emotions to make it more intense, interesting and enable the audience to relate to the drama emotionally. The topics for drama essay can vary from social issues such as child abuse using a particular character from the society and the impact the abuse had on the character eventually so as to create awareness among the audience about child abuse issues. You can write a whole drama based on child abuse using the most suitable character. Following are certain guidelines on how to write a drama essay.

Selection of Story

Your essay can be based on real-life issues presented in the form of an entertaining drama. Make sure that the story you select for writing a drama essay is interesting and something that the audience can relate to on a personal level depending who your main audience is.

Write from Audience’s Perspective

Make sure that each and every character, plot, theme, and climax that you develop and build in your drama essay is based on audience’s perspective. Imagine if you are among the audience how you will perceive the drama. Make others such as close friends and relatives perceive your drama essay as an audience and suggest what needs to be improved and modified.

Selection of Characters

Try to select the most suitable character for each role. If a character has to be shown as an alcoholic than he or she must appear like one or have the skill to pretend like a real alcoholic.

Use Simple Language

Try to use very simple and easy to pronounce language for the characters to deliver the dialogues easily and for the audience to understand.

Stick to the Main Topic

Revolve all your characters around the main story or topic using each one of them when required. All your characters are in some way related to the main story of the drama essay it is how smartly you manipulate them when needed to.

Define Your Characters

Every character you use should be defined in detail. The audience should know that what particular role a character fits in.

Drama Essays are interesting to write. You need to be creative and knowledgeable to use your characters in the story accordingly.

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