Writing a critical essay is an integral part of an academic career as writing these essays help enhance critical faculties of the brain. The purpose of writing critical essays is to analyze a play, drama, novel, film or a piece of literature and provide your personal critiques on them. You can select anything to write a critical essay on. It can be an article from a magazine, a famous book or even an essay. Critical essays are often mistaken as negative criticism towards a particular piece of work. However, your critique or analysis on a particular piece of work can be positive as well. You can praise someone’s work while writing a critical essay you are impressed. This article will provide you some basic tips to write critical essays. Keep reading the article to write effective critical essays.

Choose a Topic

Select an interesting topic to start the process. Start collecting information and gathering sources. There are two types of sources for writing critical essays, primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources will be the work, such as an essay, poem or a novel, you will select to evaluate. Secondary sources are the articles, encyclopedias, and journals that you will look for. These are supplementary sources that you will use to write a critical essay.

Take Notes

Read these sources thoroughly and make notes. Jot down all the important ideas and material relevant to the topic. The important information consists of an author’s thesis and the key points that will help you write the essay.


Make an Outline

Make a structured outline as a guide to write the essay in a coherent manner. Write down the ideas and points in a chronological way and follow them when writing the essay.

Structure of a Critical Essay

A critical essay begins with an appealing introduction with a precise background about the topic and the thesis statement. In case, your critical essay is short than the background you will provide should not be more than two sentences long. Write the main body consisting of the evaluation of the work such as a book, novel, poem or an essay. Avoid writing a detailed summary of the author’s work. Just provide evaluations and analysis of the work. Use evidence from various sources to agree or disagree with the author’s work. Lastly, write a conclusion by providing a summary of the arguments you made in the main body. Write a brief statement stating what conclusions you have reached by analyzing the author’s work.

Keep your critical essay direct and to the point, as to make it easier and enjoyable for the readers.

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