At least once in your college life, you will be given a book by your teacher to read and write a book review on. Therefore you should know what a book review is and how it is written. A book review is a summary of any book that you have read its main points and your opinion about it. Writing a book review can be a challenging task because you have to include all the major points of the book but in a summarized form making sure that you do not miss anything.

Below are some easy steps that you can follow and write a good book report.


Base your book review on four to five small paragraphs and allow a point from the book to every paragraph

First paragraph

In the first paragraph of you book review you will give information like the title of the book, who wrote the book, where it was published and in what year it was published. In the end of your paragraph you can include your own opinion about the book

Second paragraph

In the second paragraph of your book review, support your opinion with details about it given in the book. Use quotations wherever necessary.

Third paragraph

In the third paragraph of your book review give the main idea of the book. Support the main idea by giving as many details from the book as possible.

Fourth paragraph

In the fourth paragraph you give more interesting points of the book. Make sure you cover all the important points of the book

Fifth paragraph

In the last paragraph of your book review, give a summary of what you have written in the first four paragraphs. Write down what you felt after reading the book and give the book a score. E.g. 8/10.

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