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According to Torah, women have essential roles on this earth. It is through women that God selects to bring children into this world. A woman is called to partner with a husband, raise a family, and form a loving God-fearing home. Her role is so imperative that the command is for children to “Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.” [i]. The woman here commands the same honor as the man. God blessed both Adam and Eve and gave them both the liability for caring for the earth He had made.

Throughout Scripture we see women in astonishing roles: Sarah and the miracle of the birth of Isaac, to Rebecca assisting Jacob; to Hannah whose, prayers are heard and becomes a mother to Samuel the judge; and Mary, measured ‘blessed among women’ who gave birth to Yeshua as a gift for all mankind. These women were an amazing way God used to further His Plan for us all. Women appear to be the forgotten ones in Scripture, whose roles have been dejectedly diminished within some assemblies. And yet, a woman’s role doesn’t stop with motherhood.  It is important to consider the prophetesses like Miriam, Deborah the Judge and Isaiah’s wife.

Torah on Women’s Role

The Torah makes clear that God produced woman, in part, to provide someone who would challenge the man to distinguish his own incompleteness, so that he would not become excessively confident. For that matter, neither would a woman, since man would defy her in the same way. God created man and woman with a great deal in general, yet with considerable differences that make them interdependent and continuously aware of the fact that only God is perfect, in and of Himself.

[i] Exodus 20:12

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