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One of the more useful modifications: Context-responsive search windows come out everywhere in Vista. The Start menu, which in many ways seems much like its equivalent in XP (and can be rearranged to look like the old Windows 95/98 Start menu), offers a small search field at the base. Click the pointer at All Programs, and the left pane shows your programs. You will also come across search fields situated to the right of the Address bar in Windows Explorer. In the beta version, the Windows Explorer search emerges to directory only file metadata, the similar information you can look (and from time to time amend or enter) in XP by clicking the right mouse pointer on a file and selecting Properties. As per Microsoft, the shipping edition will present more search facilities. Click the Search icon on the Start menu to open the new Search Center, which permits you to carry out manifold layers of filtered searches.

Windows Vista’s Virtual Folders locate documents even when you are not looking for them by dynamically upgrading the results of a saved search when the folder is clicked. This aspect will be accessible for all Windows applications once Microsoft applies the WinFS file system that was initially scheduled for Vista. Microsoft pre-installed numerous Virtual Folders in Beta 1, but several are perplexing. The Documents folder substitutes My Documents, but there is also a Virtual All Documents folder with unlike content. The Music and Pictures shortcuts on the Start menu point to Virtual Folders, not to the Music and Pictures subfolders of the Documents folder.

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