Case Analysis Essay

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This case is about an owner discovering that his receptionist is most highly paid the person in his firm. She was his first employee when he started on a minimal budget. At that time, he did not have enough to pay her the salary she desired so he made her share in the profits of the firm. Now after seven years Harvey has realized that she is a mere receptionist is earning more than anyone else even the executives and only gets less than what he earns. He is at a loss about how to go about changing the situation.

On one hand, it is very clear that all other employees also deserve a better pay and if they come to know that Ms. Brenann is earning more than any other employee than a serious personal problem can occur.

Several things need to be done to see how and why the receptionist has been earning and then to find some alternatives.

Contribution of Ms. Brenann

Since the company’s inception, she has been with Harvey and although the job description is that of a receptionist, however, her work has been an overall effort from standing in for Harvey to even doing the sales representatives job. In fact, Harvey realizes that the decisions she makes in his absence are more effective. In addition, her presence in the main hall of the office makes her accessible to all the customers and employees. She became more of an administrator of the office and the business than just a common receptionist. And Harvey admits that the day she joined him was the most important day for the business.

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