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To design a web-based learning experience, the author of the program has many constraints to consider in addition to the actual material that will be presented. The first is the different browsers that the student may use. With the many Internet browsers available on the market, the author of the web-based learning program should be aware of the minor variances among browsers. Second, a vital concern is the network and communication speeds that the user has at his or her disposal. This is particularly important, given the attention span of the typical Internet user. Finally, the web-based learning design should be aware of the situations that are appropriate for web-based learning.

Web Browsers

One of the constraints that a designer of a web-based learning program faces is how the program appears on different computers. With the many browsers available, what the programmer designs may be seen differently when displayed via varying browsers. For example, a web site designed on a Windows PC machine running Internet Explorer will not appear the same on a Macintosh that runs Netscape. In addition, Macintosh monitors display information at 72 ppi (pixels per inch) while PCs display information at 96 PPI(An Instructor’s Not So Comprehensive Guide to Designing Instructional Support in an On-line Environment).

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