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This paper examines the Watts Health Foundation, which oversees a network of several clinics that are joined with other clinics and healthcare providers in a neighborhood to meet healthcare needs of a particular community, or rather of a particular sub-community within the larger community of Watts, in Los Angeles. I was able to visit one of the foundation’s clinic because a family friend is one of the physicians there. This clinic serves as a model of the ways in which quality healthcare can be delivered in even the poorest neighborhoods.

Still best known as the place of the first series of Los Angeles riots this century, it remains a poor neighborhood whose residents often feel that their portion of the American Dream is an inappropriately small one.  The Watts Health Center is based on the idea and the idea of community-based nursing and medical practices – that is, providing health practices that are appropriate to the immediate and long-term needs of the members of this racially diverse and culturally complex community. Communities are generally defined more by their occupants than by their geography, and so the physical space of a community can change over time without causing an absolute breach in its personality and so the historical context of a community is also important in determining its physical boundaries. For example, the members of a community might emigrate from one place to another and the community would therefore entirely change its geographical setting without necessarily changing its character or internal sense of cohesion and continuity (Kenney, 1999, p. 336).

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