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The article “Should Cheat Sheets be Used as Study Aids in Economics Tests?” By Yoav Wachsman, discusses the use of cheat sheets as test aids in economics. The author conducted an experiment at the University of Hawaii, to check the effect of cheat sheets on the student performance in the tests.

Cheat sheets are pieces of paper on which students can write anything and use during tests. Many economics instructors allow their students to use them in tests. The idea for this investigation was to help instructors choose whether to allow students to use them or not. Students were taken from 4 economics classes and divided into those who were allowed to use the cards (CU), those who were allowed to make the cards but not allowed to use them in class (CR) and those who were not given the facility (NC).This paper is related to education and tries to explore if cheat sheets are helpful or not to the students.

Conceptual Framework

There is only one previous research related to cheating sheets and that was done by Dorsel and Cundiff (1979). Their findings are consistent with the over dependency hypothesis as those students whose cheat sheets were taken away from them did worse than other. Other hypotheses are not supported by this research. In Wachsman’s view, the experiment was conducted in such a way by them that it created dependency, in addition, they did not give any incentive.

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