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Violence in the workplace has existed for quite a long time. It is only recently however that people have started to give it importance and see it is as an existing social problem affecting the lives of many.

Statistics revealed by the Department of Justice for 1995 showed that out of all the violence which was carried out, 21% of it was conducted while the victim was in the workplace or was traveling to/from work. From 1992-1997, workplace violence was estimated to have been the major criminal act to have been committed (Kaufer). When violence occurs in the workplace, it can be harmful for the business and it can also have an emotional impact on the existing employees (Ecis).

Until the 1970’s, most people had not heard of any workplace violence incident. Since the 1970’s however, violence at the workplace has increased threefold. One of the causes of workplace violence is stress which reaches a height when companies either downsize, demand more from their employees, reorganize or re-engineer. This is one factor which has caused workplace violence to increase drastically (Mattman).

Something needs to be done in order to keep employees protected from violence in the workplace. Not only do the employees have a…

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