On your Way to Writing Dissertation

Every University has its own requirements for writing a dissertation but the basics for writing a dissertation remains the same no matter where you study. The basic elements of every dissertation writing are vital to writing a good dissertation and without these elements, a major part of your dissertation will be missing. Following are the guidelines for writing a college dissertation.


Like essay writing, very dissertation writing must consist of an introduction where you introduce the research topic and the purpose of the project. A good introduction is always vital to writing a quality dissertation. An introduction sets the tone for the rest of your dissertation.

Literature Review

A dissertation can never be complete without a literature review. A literature review consists of the background information about the topic.


Any reader who is reading your dissertation will always be interested to know how you did your research. It is not as difficult as you have already done the work for this section. Just explain your reader what you have done.

Research Findings

This is the main part of your dissertation as a whole of your dissertation is entirely focused on this part. Try to be very clear about your research findings. This is the section where you tell you the reader what you think about the findings.


This section concludes your dissertation. You can suggest any new ideas about the dissertation. You can explain the future practitioners what you recommend about the particular topic.

Follow these guidelines and you will be on your way to writing a good University dissertation. Dissertation writing is an essential part of graduation so make sure that you do it efficiently.

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