Understanding the Preferred Styles of Learning: Essay

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Every person has his/her own individual style of learning. A style of learning is a method which everyone makes use of to be able to understand different types of material better. For a person to have a special or preferred style of learning means that by making use of a specific style of learning, he is able to learn better, faster and quicker which then reflects his weaknesses and strengths. To process and understand different material, we use our 5 senses of touch, smell, sight, taste and sound. There are considered to be 7 styles of learning (Multiple Intelligence Theory). These 7 styles are interpersonal, kinesthetic, visual-spatial, logical, intrapersonal, linguistic and musical (Lazear). In order to explain these 7 styles better, the styles will be divided into 3 categories by which people learn information in the best of ways which are through kinesthetic, auditory and visual. Most people are able to use all of these learning styles but when one is used, learning is better.

People who use auditory skills to learn are considered to learn in an effective way as they listen to people give speeches and lectures. 30 percent of the population learns by making use of their auditory skills (Jacob…

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