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The choices are infinite when it comes to training, from classroom and online training to seminars and training manuals. There is no one correct training method, but getting the training message out in various ways is the best way to get the message across. As different people operate and learn in different ways, repeating training messages in various formats and settings can be helpful. Sometimes it’s necessary to get an employee out of their work environment to get the message across, for topics such as safety where comprehension is absolutely necessary. (Fleishman EA.)Once an employee has been introduced to information in a classroom setting, it’s necessary to do hands-on training, in the real job environment, getting them up to speed as rapidly as possible.

Online training for new employees permits for introduction of a lot of product material, 24/7 accessibility, and learning at a easy tempo. This way an employee can take his time getting trained for the job in an efficient way. Safety is another significant issue to engage in right away with new employees. New employees need to recognize the risks involved in rental and the dangers of equipment. Although it depends on skill levels that employees bring to the job, it can take anywhere from months to a year for a new employee to feel that they have truly mastered the job. There is a lot to learn, and that takes time, but employees need to feel confident that the job is one they can do in just a matter of weeks. If the employee is not comfortable by the end of the first week, you probably haven’t done your job. Throughout classroom training, instructors can read people’s faces and go back to a point if they see that people aren’t getting it. Online instruction also allows employees to learn at their own pace and repeat topics, but the human interaction element is missing. With any training although, it depends on the students’ willingness to take responsibility for his own learning process.( Fleishman EA.)

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