This essay examines the methods used by various organizations to adapt to the external environment.

1,500 Words (Approx. 6 Pages), 4 Sources, APA, 2005.


Every organization must be flexible and adaptive in order to survive in the long run. Organizations that are not flexible and do not change according to the environment are left far behind and as a result create a threat for their demise. This essay defines an organization and explains some of the important methods for organizations to adapt to the changing environment to be able to survive in the competitive environment. The author of the essay also discusses the internal and external environments of an organization that always operate with an organization.

From the Essay

An organization is an entity where more than two people work in order to achieve a common objective or a goal (Heathfield, 2003). There are numerous organizations around us such as the colleges, hospitals, businesses, bureaus and even church, which is a religious organization.  An organization consists of several operations conducted by people on various positions such as finance, accounts, managerial, technical, human resources and marketing to achieve a common objective of the organization.

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