Traditional College Vs. Vocational College

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The American society has formed a popular work-related expression that leads it to make considerable differences between work of body and intellect, of white collar and blue these days articulated as the new understanding work versus old-style industry and service work. One of the most powerful of these divisions, mainly in the lives of young people, has been the difference between the academic and the vocational, which distinguished the high school curriculum for much of the past century.

Opponents of such education have been bothered that vocational courses would attract students away from more important academic study and lead them to languish in low-paying jobs. The reality is that both the vocational colleges and the traditional colleges prepare students for their professional careers. The vocational institutions concentrate on the technical skills of the students while the traditional colleges offer a more scholastic education.

A vocational college education, as training for a job, has no less possible than a university education to offer a solid ground for a person’s work characteristics, as working with one’s hands is extensively acknowledged as rewarding (Lowe, 2000).  As vocational training providers, vocational colleges have a significant prospect to completely strengthen the character their graduates will take into the market since they train graduates both vocationally and academically.

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