MBA or master’s degree in business administration is one of the most prestigious academic programs to pursue as an academic career. However, there are many top institutes that offer online distance learning courses to students residing anywhere in the world. Some of the most prestigious MBA institutes and universities are located in the United States of America where it is difficult for students of various nationalities to meet travel, housing and clothing expenses in the United States. Distance learning courses such as an MBA or information technology have made things much easier for everyone as you are not required to go to that place to attend classes. All the classes related to various academic fields can be attended via the internet. In this article, some of the top distance learning universities are provided for the convenience of students belonging to any nationality. Keep reading the article to find out some of the top distance learning institutes.

Duke University

Located in Durham, North Carolina, the U.S.A. The university offers distance learning programs to students online such as an MBA. This university is ranked highly because of its excellence in business administration programs. In 2009 Business week ranked Duke University in top 10 among the universities offering distance learning courses. Students from London, St. Petersburg, Middle East and other parts of the world can attend online classes once they register with the University. Duke University offers 16-month distance learning MBA program.

Warwick Business School

One of the highest ranked distance learning universities in the world located in Coventry, United Kingdom. In 2009 Warwick Business School was ranked number 3 by The Economist among the top distance learning institutes of the world. The online distance learning course focuses on courses like accounting, finance, business operations and managerial economics. The course is divided into three sections that have to be completed in three years time. Students are taught through various online teaching methods such as online classrooms and virtual study groups. However, students belonging to various parts of the world registered in an online distance learning course must attend a seminar that takes place in Coventry, U.K. every year.

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