Physical educators have long expressed the idea that attitudes toward physical education have an important influence on both the learning that occurs in physical education and the benefits derived from physical education courses. The success of the entire physical education program depends considerably upon the extent to which desirable student attitudes are developed and maintained.”
If the objectives in physical education are to be achieved, the student must have a favorable attitude toward participation in physical activities.” Attitudes toward physical education are “important general objectives of instruction.” the attainment of proficiency and understanding in an activity would be unlikely’ without positive attitudes toward the activity because there would be no motivation to practice continually and devotedly. Interest inactivity provides the drive to engage in it and ensures more rapid learning. There was a significant relationship between students with favorable attitudes and success in physical education classes.

In a later study, she found that among the variables studied as possible contributors to success in physical education activities, the attitude measures were of the highest significance. (Physical educators are concerned with attitudes also because attitudes have a direct effect on the amount of activity in which people participate outside of class. They realize that unless students develop a positive attitude toward activity, they are unlikely to continue physical activities after leaving school.

Physical education programs never realize their full objective unless they contribute to out-of-school recreation. For this reason, most required programs in college physical education today emphasize carry-over sports and skills. The use a student makes of the activities included in the school program will be largely determined by his attitudes toward these activities. People must like physical education so they will use it as long as they live.

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