It has become impossible to ignore the fact that information technologies and information itself have been effecting companies’ strategies significantly. Since the competitiveness in a business environment is strengthening more and more, new competitors and startup firms and emerging, the needs and expectations of customers are continuously changing along with the environment, managers must pay attention to the situation.
Information technology has significantly emerged as a strategic resource that helps in enhancing business strategies and business processes. One of the biggest concerns of today’s organizations is seeking a competitive advantage and how they can utilize IT resources at an optimum level, aligning them with business goals in order to achieve a competitive edge. This has raised several complex problems for the IT managers, which are difficult to understand and manage.
These problems to the roles played by IT strategy in enhancing and improving processes and generating profits for the firm. Information systems have automated operations and processes, making companies more efficient.
Moreover, information technologies have enhanced their performance and have become increasingly cost-effective during the past few years. Incorporation of alternative technologies, distributed communication and processing, and strong experience curves, all have highlighted that information technologies are capable of solving strategic and structural issues of an organization.
Since it has only four physical; therefore, the major part of its technology usage includes emails and telecommunication for making sales and providing services. For remaining competent in the competitive business world, DISK4U realized that it needs to adopt operational expansion and access different online using eBay. Nevertheless, for transitioning into the e-commerce industry successfully, the company needs to adopt an effective and suitable accounting and information system (software), which is capable of meeting their business needs adequately along with making sure that the future business requirements will also be met.


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