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Scientology brought a new focus to the doctrine of Hubbard, a focus that extended Dianetics into the realm of religious movements. (Scientology )Hubbard promotes that man was neither a mind nor a body. The main idea of man’s existence is the soul, a spiritual being. Hubbard called the soul ” thetan”, derived from the Greek letter meaning “thought.” (Thetan) In the words of sociologist William Bainbridge, a thetan is “analogous to the Christian notion of a soul. All humans, in fact, are thetans, immortal spiritual entities possessing virtually infinite powers.” Individuals do not have thetans; they are measured thetans. Without thetan, there would be no mind or body. Hubbard alleged that thetan was the backbone of creation and life.

The key belief of the Mortmons or Latter Day Saints (LDS) church is that they symbolize a restoration to the Earth of the original Christian church, which was deserted through the apostasy during the early centuries of the Christian era. Their main beliefs are outlined in thirteen “Articles of Faith” establish at the end of the Pearl of Great Price. Several key beliefs are contained in these statements, including a belief in “God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.” LDS members believe these three personages are one in principle but separate in being. Another exclusive belief held by the Latter-Day Saints is that continual revelation occurs (ninth Article of Faith) and is, indeed, an important part of their faith. (Arrington and Bitton 1979)

The Church is measured by many to be a cultic movement. However, because of its incredible growth, it is beginning to gain reception by more and more people. If the current growth rate continues, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may become the fourth major monotheistic denomination.

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