This essay discusses the consequences of rape on women.

1,400 Words (Approx. 5.6 Pages) 4 Sources, APA, 2005.


Rape can have serious mental and physical repercussions on women. A woman who is raped is more likely to suffer from trauma and depression affecting their relationships and well being. This essay defines rape and discusses some of the common problems women face after being the victims of rape. The author of the essay also discusses what can be done to provide a happy living environment for such women to be able to revive living. The author of the essay further discusses whether women avoid sexual intimacy with men after being the victims of rape.

From the Essay

Rape refers to the forced sexual intercourse with someone without his/her consent. Several women suffer from this heinous crime every year. Rape is the desire to acquire power and control over another person rather than sexual gratification. Rape not only involves penetration of sex organ but touching another person through clothing, forceful penetration of penis in the mouth and even if someone tricks the other into having sex….

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