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The time of year when students have to put aside their course material and prepare for tests is a time which every student dreads. Most people have the opinion that a change needs to occur as far as education is concerned; perhaps the standardized testing system needs to be eliminated and this could help the education system. Standardized testing does not have much effect and is outdated to a great extent. The reason many educationalists believe this is because these tests are unable to measure the true potential a student has. If this form of system is removed from the education system, not only will parents save money, the labeling put on their children will no longer be present and the stress which is associated with these tests would have been eliminated as well.

Due to the state of the economy, many people do not have money and in order to save money, standardized tests should be eliminated. When second grade children give standardized tests, the costs of these tests comes out to $2-4 million and at high school level, the amount spent is even more (Fridy). The amount of money which can be saved up if these tests are not given would be enough to send children to a good college. Textbooks, laptops and various equipments could be purchased which would help make learning easier for students and make the environment in which they live simpler. If the environment is one in which the student has the potential to progress and do well, it could…

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