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Those soldiers who died in the terrorist attack in Fallujah were not, in any real sense, their comrades. They were Americans, and they were soldiers of a sort, but they were not U.S. soldiers. They worked for a corporation, Blackwater Security Consulting, which supplies military personnel on a contract basis: these were soldiers for hire, or, as they would have been called in a time when English had not been debased by the spin of political posturing, armed force. They were in Iraq not to fight for democracy or even domination, but because they were paid generously to be there-and paid by a company whose sole business is profit oriented.  According to Singer, “Until Fallujah, the private military industry was largely hidden behind the headlines, present in the world’s hot spots but never fully acknowledged.” (Singer Warriors for Hire in Iraq)

The existence of a privatized military industry was known to military leaders around the world, to corporate executives of multinational companies engaged in business in “risky” areas, and to despots and insurgent militias all over the developing world. But, in general, the citizenry of the world, and particularly the United States, was unaware that the nature of warfare is changing and varying quickly. Warfare is less and less the domain of states, and more and more an area for corporate investment, growth, and control. Warfare, in blunt terms, is being gradually more privatized as we enter the 21st century.

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