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There are three types of cries. Each may be caused by various stimulants that are responsible for each. The firs type is the pain cry (Long, 2004, p. 57). This type of cry has no preliminary signs of happening. It abruptly bursts in a loud sound followed by a breathing period. Parents are able to tell whatever is making their babies cry by simply looking at such features of the cry. The second type of baby cry is the basic cry (60). This type crying is manifested by a pattern of crying followed by silence. It usually begins in a brief cry followed by a silence moment and eventually a high-pitched outcry. It is caused by stimulants such as hunger. Anger cry is the third and last type of cry in infants (64). Compared to the other types of cry, anger cry is the most abrupt; it is the loudest and makes the baby force a lot of air through his or her vocal chords thus making that loud. This type of cry happens to be the longest of them all as the baby keeps on crying whenever the incidents that annoy him or she reappear.

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