Selecting a topic for science term paper can be very confusing as there are several topics that are pretty straightforward and do not provide much information to debate or write a term paper with sound logical arguments. There are several ongoing controversial environmental and ethical issues that are being debated almost every other day so selecting a topic should not be that complicated. The purpose of this article is to provide you some possible term paper topic ideas to write more effective and result in oriented term papers. Read below to discover some amazing topics for writing term papers on science.

Global Warming/Environmental Issues

Look around and you will find several environmental problems related to air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution. Tons of toxic waste is dumped into oceans and rivers every day by several industries all around the world. The recent oil spill near the Mexico Gulf is another example of deteriorating environment contributing towards global warming and a major threat to wildlife all around the world. The rapid decrease in the population of loggerhead turtles disturbing the ecosystem is another worrisome matter.

Issues Related to Ethics

You can opt for science topics related to experimentations on animals. You can create arguments whether it is ethical to use animals for scientific experiments to make discoveries related to medicines and diseases. You can focus on stem cells research which is obtained from aborted fetuses. You can argue about its importance when it comes to treating fatal diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or cancer.

Anti Biotic and Super Bugs

You can focus your science term paper on the rapid use of antibiotic for the treatment of various diseases. You can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of antibiotic medicine and whether they can be sufficient for preventing diseases caused by superbugs that are no longer resistant to several antibiotic medicines.

These are the topics that can opt for when writing a science term paper. Moreover, you can read articles and popular magazines on science to have more ideas.

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