About Term Paper Summary

Once you go through the rigors of writing an entire term paper you still need to do one last thing i.e. to write a term paper summary. A term paper summary is precise information about your whole term paper such as its purpose, its main goal, what it consists of and the key points of your term paper. A term paper summary is always written after writing the term paper as to have an idea what to summarize. This article will provide some important information on term paper summary. Keep reading to discover about a term paper summary.

Purpose of Summary

The summary always comes after the title page of the term paper. It is written on a separate page. The main purpose of a term paper summary is to give the readers an idea about what your term paper consists of. It tells the readers about the purpose and the key points of the term paper. A summary should be written in such a way as to guide the readers about the entire term paper. It is just like the jacket copy of a novel consisting of brief overview about the entire novel.

It always depends on the Writing Style

Writing a summary or an abstract the purpose of both is similar. It always depends on what writing style you are required to follow. For instance, if your professor requires American Psychological Association (APA) style than you will write an abstract and if he/she requires Modern Language Association (MLA) or Chicago manual style than you have to write a summary. Whatever manual style the purpose remains the same.

Word Limit

The summary of a term paper must be between 100 to 120 words. It must not be a thorough analysis on a particular topic. It should be brief with the intention to guide the readers about the key aspects of the term paper. However, do not write anything that is not discussed in the term paper.

A summary is a very important component of a term paper as it can determine the quality of your term paper.

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