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It takes a lot of spirits to perform Hajj because to offer Hajj, Muslims are required to leave all the comforts behind and travel for longer hours, walk for several miles and staying away from the physical contact with a spouse. Muslims wish from Allah and wait to get the opportunity to worship and offer hajj (Mehdi, 2003).

A fascinating experience while watching the documentary was a lot of people who wore same white clothes namely “ihram” and were worshipping one God, Allah. By wearing white clothes, Muslims symbolize harmony and unity. One can get the idea by watching the documentary that there is no distinction between the people present at Mecca for the pilgrimage. Everyone offers the prerogative regardless of who is more rich or poor and black or white. Hajj clearly demonstrates that Islam does not stand discrimination and therefore when Muslims offer Hajj, they become one nation by binding together as one identity, Muslims. Muslims come from different languages, ethnicities, and races to gather as one universal brotherhood and sisterhood (Mehdi, 2003).

It was a worth experience to watch the documentary that enables us to know how does religion matter in lives of people who are determined to follow their religion. That’s what the documentary displays regarding the Hajj and Muslims.

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