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Prompt service to the customers

In the case of the question where the participants were asked to express their opinions on the Prompt service to the customers, it was observed that in terms of their perception, the majority of the participants chose to express an average satisfaction level of 5 in terms of Excellent Petrol Retail Supermarkets. However, when inquired for the nature of their practical experience at ESSO Petrol Retail Supermarkets as a secondary part of the same question, it was observed that the participants generally chose to give ESSO Petrol Retail Supermarkets a level 4.

It is essential to note at this point that in the case of this question, the participant opinion brought into use is an average of the data collected. The difference between the perceptions and practical experiences that the participants held regarding the case of Prompt service to the customers at Petrol Retail Supermarkets were observed to be of a nature such that is was evident that the participants were unsatisfied with the service quality they were being provided at ESSO Petrol Retail Supermarkets in terms of Prompt service to the customers.

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