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While it may be true that drug testing especially urine analysis are not accurate. The need of the employer to find possible drug users within his company is also important. The existence of more and more casual drug users in society is a cause for concern in any establishment. Thus, in order to maintain a working environment management must balance out his responsibility of keeping a safe work place and maintaining a cost effective business which will allow his employees to keep their jobs.

I)          Drug Testing Constitutes an invasion of privacy

It is generally known that when a wage-earner enters a public workspace he should be expected to be observed by his boss. Such surveillance is necessary in order to gauge if the employee is performing to fullest of his capabilities. However the employer has no right to infringe on the individuals personal space. This right is built upon the notion that the worker will not do anything to compromise his work. However, if management has reason to suspect that his job performance is being affected. He has a right to test his theory.

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