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The swift and systematic revolution of communication surroundings are directing substantial attention to the knowledge of development and arrangement of technical change in exchanges, within the wider perspective of social and economic development. The electric transformation and the IT revolution that is evident today began in 1844 when the telegraph was used as a way of immediate long-distance communication by Samuel Morse.  It’s easy to signal, a click over a wire, with time evolved into new discoveries and inventions like the telephone, the telex the radio the television and even the internet today. Early communications development integrated a variety of semaphore telegraph lines, where spotters used visual signs to communicate messages from one high location to the next. By the early 1800s, these mechanically controlled image telegraph lines were quite common in Europe, while only a few simple links were ever developed in the United States.

In 1844, the first commercial line using Morse’s design went into operation between Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland. (Wikipeadia) Its triumph was followed by the fast structure of telegraph lines all through the United States, and finally, Morse’s dot-and-dash way became the universal standard. Morse used uniform sequences of dots and dashes to symbolize distinct letters and numbers for broadcasting messages, and this came to be known as the American Morse Code. Conversely, Morse’s imaginative code pattern included a few peculiarities, even though American Morse was extensively accepted throughout the United States, a more reliable description was designed in Europe, known as Continental Morse Code. (White, Section 2)

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