It is not an uncommon affair for many teenage girls to become pregnant at an early age. According to research findings, one million girls in the United States become pregnant during high school every year (Helium). There are many negative consequences in seeking parenthood in teenage years. Most of the girls and boys during high school studies are not emotionally sound and stable to bear the responsibilities of becoming parents. They are themselves on the verge of transformation from a young boy or a girl into adulthood. They are still going through the processes of trials and failures to gain experience and stability in the later stages of life. It is not so easy for these girls to continue with their studies while feeding babies at the same time. Moreover, it takes away the opportunity to seek a better future in terms of financial gains due to unstable attitude towards studies and attending classes during high school.

One of the best ways to prevent teenage girls and boys is to encourage open communication. In most of the cases involving teenage pregnancies, most of the parents and teachers never educated their children about safe sex practices. Parents and teachers should take responsibility to create awareness among their children about sex through open communication. They should remove the barriers of talking about sex with their young children as it can help a great deal to encourage teenage girls and boys to learn what is right and what is wrong with them.

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