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A review conducted on the managerial techniques used in corporations, found that the management techniques were not well known by the managers and the techniques used in small or large firms rarely varied (Motes and Kulonda). To know whether or not the managerial jobs are similar in both large and small organizations, Fayol’s 14 principles of management are compared (Cole). This comparison is carried out by the middle management and the supervisors of the large and small companies. These companies are said to be having employees less than 50 or a little above than 50. As it will be shown to you, the managerial jobs tend to vary with the size of a company and even though the jobs are the same to an extent, the roles can differ according to the principles of the management of the particular organization.

The fourteen principles of management by Fayol have been accepted as being the foundation of this evaluation. This is because of their ability, both in the past and the present to utilize it as a proforma to lead to the evolution of management and its styles which includes management styles but does not limit it to the contingency theories or the systems which have developed around it. It includes in it segments of the classical management work done by many theorists. And it is also indeed known as the…

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