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I was never a believer in fate or destiny and always questioned everything that happened to my family or me. Always somehow trying to go against the natural order of things. Always trying to be a revolutionary and trying to find a way, this was different and always a bit tricky and unknown. This leads me to more unchartered waters and I got more and more entangled and the end result was the same as it was bound to be and would have occurred in its natural sequence if I had not blundered myself in. This is not something which is unusual or something unheard of, instead, this behavior is very common in our society, and those people who do not worry or do not struggle and strive in their lives as being somehow irresponsible or not motivated enough.

Teachings of Lao Tsu or Taoism are that are that all straining, all striving are not only vain but also counterproductive. One should endeavor to do nothing (wu-wei). However, what does this mean? It means not to literally do nothing, but to recognize and follow the natural forces — to follow and shape the flow of events and not to pit oneself against the natural order of things. First and primarily to be natural in one’s actions. I have become a believer of this philosophy of life, as it very well defines what life really is and how it should be lead.

I became a strong believer and proponent of this philosophy when I saw what happened to a friend of mine, who was a very active and motivated person and who had his whole life planned in front him, he was a straight-A student, although not a nerd as one might assume but he was active in sports and debates and very popular with friends and in his family. His father had a flourishing business and Mark (I will call him Mark) being the only son was all set to go to one of the best colleges.

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