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The book Teaching Sex: The Shaping of Adolescence in the 20th Century, by Jeffrey P. Moran, is not an initial work, nor mostly challenging, but rather it sums up the way in which views of youth sexuality and common communal feelings toward sex have altered through the last century, specifically the way adolescent sexuality has been seen as a dilemma to be met by some explicit action on the part of society. He presents literary investigation in focusing on the account of this topic and tries to put the behavior and rationale of well-known writers on the subject in their past perspective which allows the reader to defer current condemnation of what are now strictly outdated opinions in order to better appreciate what these early sex educators thought they were doing and why.

To me children’s inquisitiveness about sexuality is a regular part of growing up. Today’s media, for example television, books, movies, magazines etc., rouse this curiosity even more. declining to talk about sexuality, and consequently suppressing children’s developmental need to learn and comprehend can result in apprehension and awkwardness. These feelings, in turn, may lead to unawareness and delusion if children lack correct information or search for information from unfortunate sources. Therefore, the initial sexuality education should begin at home, because in today’s environment cultural diversity when information is very easily available, the best possible option would be to tell the children honestly and clearly, what they want to know as their curiosity is gradually aroused.

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