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Today’s society provides assistance to families who are struggling with home finances and unemployment.  These programs are a part of the welfare program and are very helpful to most needy families who are really struggling.  An example of one of the programs is the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), which offers assistance and work opportunities to needy families by yielding states the federal funds and wide suppleness to expand and put into practice their own welfare.  However, even though it may seem TANF offers a helpful program, it appears they have some unrealistic requirements. The recipients must work after two years on assistance, which may be impossible since unemployment has tripled in the last few years. Two-parent families must work thirty-five hours per week and that might conflict with the parents giving their children the proper care.   TANF children who have parents as ex-convicts are not likely to receive the necessary health care because their parents are denied the assistance.  Most TANF children are very ill children and need a lot of medical care.  The TANF program may seem like a well thought out plan to help needy families, but it does not look like it is a concern but children well being and health because most parents cannot fulfill the program’s requirements.

History and future of TANF children

In 1996, the nation’s welfare system changed dramatically by signing the “Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act.”   Welfare became a blocked grant by the state that is called TANF, which made it not to be an entitlement to people.  In order to receive the benefits of the program, the parent must be working and it is only available to each person for five years in their lifetime.  From a few case studies, parents who are in prison have children under the age of eighteen and received welfare before being put in jail.  However, after getting out of prison, the parent cannot find employment, which takes away from providing for their children.  Also, non-custodial parents who are unemployed cannot pay child support and that becomes a hinder to the child’s well being.   Along with that, states that implement the welfare laws ban on TANF and food stamps for people with drug felony convictions, custodial parents who are uniting with their children after returning from prison or jail are denied subsistence benefits.  After returning from jail, a parent cannot provide for their children since their police record prevents them from becoming

Employed and receive TANF benefits (TANF Pars 2).  With that in consideration, TANF children are in danger since some of their parents cannot provide for them due their pasts.

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