Case Study

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What facts do we know about this case at this time? What, if any ethical dilemmas are apparent to us?

Student counselors in middle schools deal with young individuals whose lives are in invariable change. The adolescents’ search for identity involves many challenges (Gerler, Hogan, & O’Rourke, 1990).  This particular case is a good example of how ethical issues need to be dealt with. This case is about a student who seems to have a suicidal tendency. However, the issue with this particular case is that the student herself has not come forth with the problem, instead of according to her friend Gail is contemplating suicide. And she is not coming forth to discuss it with the counselor is because Evelyn is not a Caucasian but is Hispanic. Although Evelyn does have the go-ahead from her superiors to take up the case proactively and contact Gail’s parents about it. The information that they keep on students extremely private, however, Evelyn does face some ethical dilemmas:

  • How authentic is the Information?
  • Is it ethical to contact the parents directly or should she approach the student first?
  • Should she wait for the student to come forth or should she call her and try to talk to her?
  • How confidential is the information if three people know about it?

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