Dissertation writing is an essential aspect of a graduate, Ph.D. or doctoral degree. Every University has its own criteria and specifications for writing dissertations. However, all kinds of dissertations follow a proper structure that always needs to be there to make dissertation writing well organized and structured. Without a proper format and structure, the whole dissertation writing process can be ruined and can lead to the negative impression on the dissertation community. This article is a basic guide on how to structure a dissertation. Keep reading the article to learn to structure a dissertation.


An introduction is one of the most vital components of any type of dissertation. This is the section where you attempt to introduce your research topic and the purpose of the dissertation project. Since the introduction is an initial part of a dissertation it must be appealing and compelling for the readers to continue reading the dissertation with curiosity and interest.

Literature Review

A dissertation project can never be complete without a literature review. This review consists of research studies on the selected topic.


A methodology consists of the way you conducted research for writing a dissertation project. Anyone reading your dissertation will definitely be curious on how you conducted research for writing the dissertation. When you reach this part of dissertation writing you have already gathered sources and ample information on the topic so all you need to do is to provide the methodology of conducting research.

Research Findings

This is an essential part of any dissertation. You will be discussing your findings in this part of the dissertation. Try to be clear and direct when explaining your research findings. Do not write anything irrelevant as it can put the readers off. You can state your personal opinions and perspectives about your findings in this section.


This is where you wrap up your dissertation. You can suggest or recommend others about the subject matter for writing a dissertation in the future. Most importantly you can state what significant things you have contributed in a particular academic discipline by writing the dissertation.

This is the basic structure of any type of dissertation. Make sure you religiously adhere to this structure to make your dissertation project a success.

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