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The deaths of all the good boys did not deter Jacob, as he most fervently desired to become one of those good little boys with a book written on him. His dream was to be pictured on different pages giving alms to the poor and being nice to a bad boy. However, the thing that made him feel uneasy was the death of all good boys. He wanted to live and he knew that it was not normal to be so good, the dilemma he faced was that if he died he would not be able to see himself in the book, if on the other hand if the book came out in his lifetime then it would not be popular as it would not have his funeral. So he decided to do as much good as he possibly could till he was alive and even had his dying speech ready.

In spite of all his good intentions, whenever he tried to be good, things never occurred as they did with the boys in the books. Whenever he tried to be nice to someone he always ended up being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Twain then recounts several occasions; the first was when he wanted to stop a bad boy from stealing apples, the boy fell on Jacob and broke his arm. When he tried to help a blind man who was being teased by the other boys the blind man, the blind man turned on him and instead of praising hit out for him. On one occasion when he tried to stop boys from sailing on Sunday he ended up almost drowning, and catching a cold.

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