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We are generally taught in high school that the Industrial Revolution was a good thing for humanity, that it has increased both our welfare and our happiness. And in many ways, this is arguably true. In general, we live longer now than our ancestors did before the Industrial Revolution, our children are much less likely to die in infancy, women are much less likely to die giving birth to those children. We can now fight cancer, provide anesthetics, fight infections with antibiotics, replace failing hearts with those taken from other people or with robotics.We have the luxuries of refrigeration, quality-controlled pharmacies, municipal codes that prohibit the burning of noxious substances and ensure that homes and other buildings meet minimal safety standards, our children have the luxury of attending school into adulthood so that they learn good habits and understand the basics of human health.

And yet, of course, the Industrial Revolution also has also brought up about a number of health problems that we tend to overlook in the midst of so many signs of obvious improvement in the standard of living. This paper uses a statistical analysis of a data set to provide an insight into the mixed health inheritance that is ours from the process of industrialization that occurred from roughly the beginning to the middle of the 19th century.

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