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Because sport is part of society there exist some of the relationships between sport and other social institutions.

Sport and the Economy: the input and output of money due to sport and sports associated goods have a major effect on both local and national economies.

Sport and Politics: two revelations of the link between sport and politics are:

  • The effect on sports of direct and indirect rules and laws the government sets. Whilst sports have a comparatively high level of self-rule they must stay within the bounds of the civil law; for instance, the use of physical violence in contact sports may be supposed to break the law but are these boundaries clear when related to sports? Title IX in the USA demonstrates how federal government checks equal opportunities in school sports participation for women.
  • Sport can be used as a political device. Many politicians have been rapid to seize on the powerful influence of being linked with sport, particularly when linked with the generation of feelings of local and national pride. On an international level, the sport may be used as a promotion tool for a country’s ideologies; this is demonstrated by the strong emphasis placed on sporting competition between the USA and the Soviet Union during the Cold War as ‘Capitalism vs. Communism’. The sport has been used to display political stances, for example, the sporting boycott of Apartheid South Africa.

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