You have few days left to submit your term paper. Today is the day you have made up your mind to begin the process of writing a term paper. But something is not really working in your favor. Your computer is not responding quickly making the situation even graver. What now as you need to complete your term paper within the deadline?  Sometimes computers are a complete mess and make matters worse where you feel like smashing it out of the window due to frustration. This article will help you find the possible solutions to speed up your term paper writing process if your computer s not working efficiently. Keep reading below to learn more about fixing this problem.

Restart the Computer

If you are in a situation where your computer is not responding at all try restarting it pressing ctrl-alt-del keys simultaneously. If your computer comprises a locked system than you will have to shut it down pressing the power button. If your computer has returned to its normal speed than it is okay but if it has not tried to check the disk space. When a hard disk’s space is used to its maximum then it creates a digital block making it difficult to respond to the commands and as a result, your computer slows down. If you face this problem try getting rid of unnecessary files.

Use  an Antivirus

If the problem still persists try using an antivirus scanner. Your computer may be infected by a virus making your computer slower. It is indeed very important to have your computer system scanned once a week to avoid these kinds of situations.

If your computer still does not respond positively than it is time to consider buying a new computer as during college or University studies you have to have your system up-to-date to be able to write term paper writing assignments on a consistent basis.


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