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ABSTRACT: This paper discusses how people use division and classification in solving problems in their daily lives.  This paper also provides examples of how it may be applied to solving problems on an everyday basis.  It is, on the other hand, explained how process analysis is used in everyday life by individuals who like to problem solve with that method.  It is, then further discussed how and why people need to use the cause and effect strategy to problem solve in their everyday lives to make things seem less complicated.

Division splits objects into categories. Complicated topics are easy to understand when they are broken down into smaller groups. A complex regulation like medicine is divided into fields such as hematology, psychiatry, and neurology so that people can understand them better. Classification breaks a topic into subtopics with a difference. Instead of simply dividing a topic into groups, classification rates or ranks the groups according to an ordinary criterion.  Along with that, process analysis is used to give direction or explain behavior. Cause and effect strategy look for to ascertain a causal relationship between two or more occurrences or facts. This type of evidence relies heavily upon logic and established evidence. In order to determine why is used by people division and classification, process analysis and cause and effect strategy are essential to problem-solving in everyday life, evidence must provide along with supported by the author.

Division and Classification

The division is taking a solitary concept or unit and dividing it into its mechanism.  Along with that, classification brings two or more connected bits and pieces as one to classify them.  People use the procedure of division and classification every day without even thinking of it. For example, an individual who is in college has used it in the writing process before.  They do this when they look at all the apparently indiscriminate ideas that they have come up with during numerous prewriting exercises and then find ways to put in order the idea, categories of thought, and the items that fit into them. Words like “kinds,” “components,” “parts,” and “types” prompt a person into the fact that an assignment asks them to divide and classify.  As a writer, they can use such words to signal their readers that they will be utilizing this mode of writing.  Since division and classification are used automatically by people in everyday life especially when using the writing process, it is easy to realize that proof is needed that this occurs because no one knows they do it.

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