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When we are faced with any type of problem, we need to devise a solution in order to solve it. Software development works in the same manner. It follows a cycle which begins with coming up with a solution for a problem and the implementation of this specific solution. Part of this cycle is software testing which consists of ensuring that every unit which is being implemented is able to meet the design’s specifications. Despite conducting a large amount of testing, people who use software still find faults in them. In the whole process of development, software testing is one which is least likely to be understood. It is also an extremely time consuming process which requires immense planning and technical skills (Whittaker). There are many aspects concerned with software testing and each of these need to be understood in order to grasp the concept clearly. Once the concept has been understood, the procedures, techniques and other tools used in applying this concept need to be examined. This is what enables the user of these software to understand the difficulty which software testers face and just how vital the testing of software is. Software testing is a process which involves the execution of a system which helps in determining whether or not the specifications are being met. The execution is generally carried out in the environment the system is most likely to be used (Whittaker). If…

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