The HRM department is quite essential for the success of any organization. HRM is of two types-soft and hard. Each of these types of HRM includes different areas of focus in them. Soft HRM consist of:

–          Human resources education

–          Development of leadership

–          Development of the organization

–          Dealing with conflicts

–          The culture of the organization

–          Building relationships within the organization and so on.

The hard HRM can be seen as focusing on the basic functions of the human resource management whereas the soft HRM is more concerned with the more developed functions of the human resource department.

Soft HRM is concerned with dealing with the aspects of managing workers and employees. It suggests that employees of a firm are very valuable and must be treated with care and respect. The workers must be adequately trained and provided with the necessary skills and abilities. This way, the worker will be of utmost importance to the firm and the HRM department will be able to get the best type of work out of them. A major reason for this would be that the workers would be motivated to do well and succeed in the organization.

Soft HRM is very much concerned with getting a commitment from the employees. This is the job of the HRM department itself. When compared to hard HRM, however, the workers of a firm are not treated with respect and caution. The workers are treated like any other type of business asset. The concepts which hard HRM focus more on our performance and flexibility. This is what differentiates soft HRM from the hard one.

For a firm to be engaging in soft HRM depends on the type of employees which they have. Soft HRM is used most when the firm sees its employees as being a resource for them. The HRM department enhances the performance of its workers by motivating them, giving them a sense of responsibility which automatically gives them a sense of belonging to the firm. Other aspects which are focused on our leadership and good communication. Having good communication with your employees can help promote feelings of loyalty in them.

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